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Mebas was founded in 1981. In 2010, in collaboration with Mobsan, company joined its experience in the market with the leading Italian paint company, Icro Coatings, and became the distributor of Turkey.


As Mebas-Mobsan, we had stock for all range of paint and varnish for wood. In our laboratories, we prepare colors according to standard color collections (RAL, NCS, PANTONE) and your special requests in various gloss levels. At the project level, we prepare liquid and wood samples for architecture and construction companies.


We take all the colors made, under record, we keep liquid and wood samples for 1,5 years to repeat and control each color in different speditions.


We would like to contribute to the “correct production” In this context, we give technical support on painting lines and for manual appications. If it is demanded, we prepare  reports for the production lines.


We keep in touch with local and international machine producers, sellers and technical services. In case of demand for new and second hand machines or technical service, we help you to find the correct contact. 


We also supply control devises such as color control cabinets and glossmeters.